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  • Paulson: No Federal Money for Lehman

    Looking to cut off speculation that any sale of floundering Lehman Brothers Holdings Corp. [stock LEH][/stock] might need to involve federal dollars, Treasury secretary Henry Paulson on Friday was reportedly adamant that any effort to sell the Wall Street investment bank not use government funds.
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  • Lehman's End, Bear Stearns Style?

    New reports Thursday night suggested that Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. [stock LEH][/stock] was actively shopping itself to potential buyers, aided by both the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve. Which means the U.S. government may be orchestrating its second major bailout in as many weeks, after announcing a takeover of twin mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae [stock FNM][/stock] and Freddie Mac [stock FRE][/stock] last Sunday.
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  • For the FDIC, a Servicing Transfer of Historic Proportions

    For all of the press that the failure of IndyMac Bank has generated in recent weeks -- it was the largest thrift and the second largest financial institution to ever have failed, after all -- it's what hasn't gotten press at all thus far that is much more likely to be the largest test of resources at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., as it seeks to sell off the bank's assets.
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  • Lawmakers to Add Treasury's GSE Rescue Proposal to Housing Package

    So much for any fight over whether the Treasury should be allowed to purchase shares in troubled housing finance giants Fannie Mae [stock FNM][/stock] and Freddie Mac [stock FRE][/stock]. Key Congressional Democrats gave their thumbs up late Monday to a Bush administration proposal that would grant the Treasury broad access to support both GSEs, and said they'd include it in an ever-expanding housing aid package now making its way through Congress.
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  • ASF Update: Said and a Few Thoughts

    (Editor's note: Monday and Tuesday of this week, HW will be providing periodic live updates on the sights, sounds, and sentiments at the ASF 2008 conference in Las Vegas.) Some odd-n-ends from Monday, as day two of ASF 2008 looms. We'll start with some pertinent quotes from the experts:
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  • What's a GSE Guarantee Worth?

    The short answer: a whole lot more than it used to be. Kate Berry over at American Banker reports that Fannie Mae has recently hiked its guarantee fee to 30 basis points, the highest level in at least a decade and the latest way lenders -- even prime lenders -- are seeing their own margins erode. Some analysis:
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