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  • WATCH: HUD Secretary Castro tells Daily Show FHA’s “trajectory” is strong

    FHA’s reserve capital questioned by host Jon Stewart
    HUD Secretary Julián Castro continued his media tour Monday night, joining The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for a wide-ranging discussion touching on the recent announcement that FHA will cut its annual mortgage insurance premiums, whether the government has learned anything from the housing crisis and whether the FHA will need another bailout any time soon.
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  • Jon Stewart on robosigners and foreclosure-gate

    Welcome to foreclosure-gate, folks. When Jon Stewart and the Daily Show start weighing in, you know you have a crisis of truly national scope. My favorite line: "Wait. What? The banks weren't reading the fine print? The BANKS? You're the &*(%ing people that came up with the fine print in the first place!"
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  • Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer: Winner is?

    Hands down it was Stewart in perhaps the most awkward and entertaining late night interview in at least five years, Thursday night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Stewart and crew have turned up the volume a notch on criticism against CNBC in recent days, and last night's episode was the latest high note in what has become a long-running feud between the two. Here's Part 1 of the interview:
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  • Must-see-TV, tonight

    For those interested in this sort of thing, CNBC Mad Money personality Jim Cramer will be appearing on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight. See the official announcement here. Hijinks and hilarity are sure to ensure, especially after the grilling Stewart gave the business news network last week. From the Comeday Central blog: Two men will enter! Only two men will leave!
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