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  • Printing Money: The Pamphlet

    Well, we did push for simpler explanations. The Bank of England is creating more money in an effort to increase spending. And Great Britain's Deputy Governor for Monetary Policy, Charlie Bean, wants to make sure the public understands this process by undertaking a seven-day tour ending on Monday across different parts of England, Scotland and Wales. He is also distributing perhaps the most powerful tool of information dissemination known to man: the pamphlet. The Bank's pamphlet explains (excuse the bait-and-switch) that no new money will actually be printed. Ouch!
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  • Across the pond, a housing mess redux

    Here at HW, we focus on what's taking place in residential real estate and single-family mortgages within the States; but it's worth noting that what's happening here is being repeated in primary and secondary markets worldwide. Yesterday, the UK press was up in arms over their very own housing crash. Via MarketWatch:
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