2014 Women of Influence: Mitria Wilson


AS THE DIRECTOR of legislative and policy advocacy at the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, Mitria Wilson is an advocate for ensuring that the future housing finance system meets the needs of millennials, minorities and working-class Americans.

She was the principal architect of the incentive model that was included in Sens. Johnson and Crapo’s markup of the Senate’s GSE reform bill, as an alternative to the existing affordable housing goal requirement.

In addition, she led a coalition of influential consumer advocates and civil rights groups in challenging the absence of meaningful affordable housing requirements in the initial Corker-Warner legislation and pushing the progressive senators in the Senate Banking Committee to oppose the bill based on concerns that it would not meet the needs of traditionally underserved communities.

Wilson has also been a frequent panelist on a number of panels addressing the housing finance reform debate. Her actions in building a coalition of consumer advocacy and civil rights groups that were able to reintroduce affordable housing concerns into the GSE reform debate represented one of the two commonly cited reasons for why the legislation ultimately failed.

Wilson has developed a strong track record for innovation, including efforts to have financial regulators take a more serious approach to examining whether proposed bank mergers and acquisitions will adequately meet the needs of the communities they propose to serve.

Her efforts in that respect led to one of the longest comment extension periods in recent history on Capital One’s proposed merger with ING direct, three public meetings, and a $180 billion commitment by Capital One to meet the financial needs of consumers.