2014 Women of Influence: Michelle Maiwurm


MICHELLE MAIWURM, senior policy analyst at Sen. Mark Warner’s office, has been instrumental in working on GSE reform legislation in the Senate. She was responsible for crafting and writing the legislation that famously became known as “Corker-Warner,” which became the basis for the Johnson-Crapo GSE reform legislation.

Maiwurm also built both Senate and external coalitions supporting the Corker-Warner legislation, influenced publications on the process, and conducted negotiations and staffed the senator in negotiations on Corker-Warner.

“Nobody in Sen. Warner’s office understands capital markets and the GSEs better than Michelle, or cares about the future of housing finance more,” a spokesperson for the senator’s office said. “She spent many days, nights and weeks meeting with countless stakeholders to make sure that the Senate got GSE reform right.”

Before joining Warner’s staff, Maiwurm worked as a lobbyist and fundraiser for BKSH & Associates and Campaign Finance Consultants.

Maiwurm has been a key leader on the Senate Banking Committee, leading the efforts on housing finance reform. She has built coalitions inside and outside the Senate and drafted the original Corker-Warner reform framework. Not only did Sens. Corker and Warner work across the political aisle, Maiwurm led bipartisan efforts working closely and collaboratively with her counterpart in Sen. Corker’s office.

Maiwurm advises Sen. Warner in work with banking, financial services, housing, and his work on telecommunications and technology issues. Maiwurm continues to have a passion to see housing finance reform legislation passed and will continue to lead efforts in Sen. Warner’s office and the Senate Banking Committee pushing for legislation.