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Webinar: Most Borrowers Start their Journey Online. Learn How to Connect Earlier in the Process


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8/8/19 1:00 pm to 8/8/19 2:00 pm CST


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As more and more homebuyers are starting their journey online, it is essential that today’s Loan Originators are strategically positioned to benefit from this seismic shift in the digital online growth. The inevitability of this technology, coupled with the need for a quick and relentless approach to contact the borrower, has created the need for a compelling solution to streamline the lead acquisition process.

Join New American Funding’s CEO Rick Arvielo as he reveals how the Client Connect program is already working to connect Loan Originators to a bold and innovative framework designed to capture prospective homebuyers, including digital-native millennials and the future generations to come. This insightful webinar will examine the leading-edge technology that New American Funding has put into place to help optimize your online loan origination capabilities. We encourage your participation with your questions about this revolutionary new program.

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