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Michael Keaton

Chief Servicing Officer , Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

Chief Servicing Officer at Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, has been subservicing mortgages for third-party clients for nearly 30 years.

He grew up in Wisconsin, and since winters weren’t cold enough, Michael decided to graduate with a Theatre degree in 1992 in Fargo, ND. He now has been acting like he knows what he is talking about ever since!

Michael began his career at Wendover Financial Services in Greensboro, NC in 1992. He spent over 10 years at Wendover, at that time the nation’s largest sub servicer for subprime mortgage loans, finishing his tenure as the Vice President of Default Administration.

He left Wendover in late 2002 to join Resurgent Capital Services, where he managed their in-house recovery operations, a small mortgage servicing portfolio, and bankruptcy servicing operation – filing as many as 10,000 Proofs-of-Claim per month.

In 2010 he worked with Jack Navarro to spin-off Resurgent’s mortgage servicing infrastructure into the entity now known as Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing. Michael has seen Shellpoint’s portfolio evolve from a niche portfolio of 30,000 distressed second mortgages to nearly 1.6 million loans across all product types.