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KML Law Group, P.C
Philadelphia PA 19106
United States

KML Law Group, P.C. believes that by focusing on quality and compliance, the interests of all concerned will be protected.

With an unparalleled dedication to the protection of the rights of creditors, KML Law Group, P.C. has practiced in the area of default services for over 30 years. Their attorneys and staff are committed, dedicated, and have the knowledge and technical tools necessary to provide their clients with the best representation possible.

While offering safe, sound, and compliant legal representation to the mortgage default servicing industry, KML law prevails in loan resolution matters, including home retention, loan modification, mortgage foreclosure, court mediations and conciliation, bankruptcy, eviction, REO closing, automobile replevin, title curative, and secured creditor’s right litigation. Focused on providing quality legal representation to their clients in foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, and REO closings, the attorneys of KML Law Group, P.C. serve on various national, state, and local committees championing issues devoted to loan resolution, creditors’ rights, and default servicing. The firm has developed and maintained working relationships with the courts, housing counseling groups, and consumer advocates, establishing a foundation that protects the interests of its clients, while promoting the goal of sustainable and responsible home ownership. In addition, they offer full electronic integration with vendor reporting systems, and the highest level of client services driven by an intense desire to be the best.

KML Law Group, P.C. prides itself on mortgage conciliation programs and the effective use of technology to comply with federal, state, and client directives. The firm is recognized throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey as a leader in providing secured real estate lenders and mortgage servicers with legal representation. They believe that by focusing on quality legal services, as well as counseling with regards to rules, laws, and state-specific practices and trends, their clients will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

The future is bright for this well-respected firm, with their sights set on attaining the top position of legal firms in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, providing quality and compliant legal representation to everyone they represent. They effectively work with the courts, housing counselors, and consumer advocates to protect the interests of their clients while also respecting the interests of homeowners. In addition to working with their clients, KML Law Group, P.C. remains committed to active participation in industry, legal, and consumer processes and education panels for the greater good of the general public.


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