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Law Offices of Daniel C. Consuegra, P.L.
Tampa FL 33619
United States

A client-focused firm that emphasizes customer-centric teams in order to improve satisfaction, increase productivity, and grow for the future.

Long before Florida became the focal point of the national foreclosure crisis, Daniel C. Consuegra and his team were providing outstanding legal services to this important area. With over 25 years experience in the state, they have built relationships that span decades, resulting in a high level of customer service, satisfaction, communication, and education.

Their unwavering dedication to exemplary customer service has led them to develop customer-centric teams, as they realize that clients appreciate having a single point of contact that knows their situations, their files, and takes personal pride in advocating on their behalf. This has allowed the firm to offer a degree of personalized service previously unknown in the industry. As a result, client satisfaction is growing, productivity and performance is up, with timelines and response times markedly improved, a win for everyone involved.

Daniel Consuegra began his foreclosure/collections practice in 1983, after receiving his Juris Doctor at the Stetson University College of Law. In 1986, he opened his own general practice with a single assistant, but the practice grew rapidly. Today, the firm encompasses over 30 attorneys, offering services in default litigation, residential and commercial real estate transactions, collections and replevins, bankruptcy and reorganization, complex litigation in state and federal court, and appellate representation.

A full-service creditor’s rights firm dedicated to being responsive, decisive, and innovative, the mission of the firm is simply stated: to serve their clients with a high degree of professionalism. They are committed to giving focused attention to each case and its unique elements, paying careful attention to the lender/borrower relationships and loss mitigation efforts.

As part of its client-focused commitment, the firm publishes frequent legal updates, designed to educate and train their clients on legal matters nationwide in order to help control costs and add value to the client/attorney relationship. The firm has dedicated significant resources and attention to streamlining their processes. This was done not only to obtain GSE network designation, but also to improve their quality of service.

By keeping their vision client-centric, they have been able to continue to provide high quality service in a timely manner, without falling victim to some of the challenges other firms have faced. When all is said and done, the firm believes that the measurement of their success comes in meeting - and exceeding - their client’s expectations. Keeping their eyes on this important prize provides a clear path to success now and in the future.

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