SRA Associates

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Contact: Jack Daniels
Title: VP of Marketing and Sales
Phone: 800-735-0552


SRA Associates
401 Minnetonka Road
Hi-Nella NJ 08083
United States

SRA Associates is a nationally licensed and bonded receivables management services organization located in Southern New Jersey. Founded in 1994, SRA Associates quickly established a reputation for delivering superior debt liquidation results while also providing unmatched customer service.

Over the years SRA Associates has developed into one of the most dependable results-oriented service providers in the industry. We offer our customers a cost-effective extension to their in-house recovery efforts. When you partner with us, you have instant access to a dedicated and professionally trained collection staff, a team of experienced managers focused solely on liquidating your bad debt while adhering to all federal and state guidelines and access to state of the art workflow technology. Our customers can absolutely count on an outstanding return on investment.

SRA Associates’ mission is simple and clear; to constantly exceed all of our client’s expectations while outperforming all of our competition. We know our success is totally dependent on how we perform for our customers. We're proud that our consistent growth has stemmed mainly from satisfied customers expanding our relationships and by the many word-of-mouth referrals we routinely receive.

As our growth continues, SRA Associates pledges to maintain an unmatched level of customer service. We will strive to create and foster partnerships with organizations who desire a partner who is focused on liquidating bad debt while maintaining compliance with all federal and state guidelines.

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