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McCalla Raymer, LLC
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McCalla Raymer first opened its doors in Georgia in 1982, representing lenders and servicers in a full range of legal matters. The firm’s expansive regional and national footprint has made it a mainstay in legal services for real estate.

The practice concentrates on the representation of both national and regional mortgage servicing entities, earning Mccalla Raymer a reputation as a leader in the residential mortgage default industry, working in tandem with its clients to minimize losses. The firm’s ability to keep up with regulatory and market fluctuations allows it to continue as a successful practice, while the firm expands to meet the growing needs of its clients.

McCalla Raymer employs 19 partners and more than 75 attorneys. Leaders at the law firm emphasize not only the need for superior quality in legal representation, but also focus on the nature of the work they do and the humility of its action.

McCalla Raymer handles a full range of regulatory compliance issues, legislative issues, foreclosures, bankruptcies, evictions and related litigation matters for many of the nation’s largest mortgage banking institutions in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. The firm also offers national bankruptcy POCs, eviction, and title curative management services.

McCalla Raymer is a designated counsel for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in Georgia, Freddie Mac designated in Florida, and Fannie Mae designated in Alabama, and represents more than 350 loan servicers nationwide. The firm also serves as counsel to the mortgage bankers association of Georgia and is on the approved list of counsel utilized by the FDIC/RTC.

In addition, the firm works with legislators on the state and federal level to assure quality home ownership rights and has pioneered strategies that not only reduce losses to clients, but also promote expansion of home ownership nationwide. The firm’s unique ability to meet the specific needs of its clients, combined with industry perspective, experience, a team approach, and personalized attention assures that clients receive cost effective and comprehensive legal counsel.


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