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BeSmartee® disrupts the financial services industry with its award-winning, web-based mortgage lending software for lending institutions. Utilizing more than 165 direct vendor integrations, big data, artificial intelligence and process automation, BeSmartee’s Mortgage POS, TPO Platform and Home Equity POS offer high-touch, end-to-end production experiences that shorten lending cycles and reduce costs, taking today’s originators and borrowers further, faster.


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2019 HW Tech100 winner: BeSmartee

Develops web-based lending platforms
BeSmartee develops web-based lending platforms for lending institutions. The company utilizes its extensive list of vendor integrations, big data sources, AI technology and process automation to help its clients streamline origination processes for their customers and loan officers.
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Sneak peek: Here are 10 Tech100 winners

Full list revealed on April 1
It’s almost here – the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the announcement of Tech100 winners! But some lucky winners won’t have to wait until April 1, 2019 to find out if they won. We decided to give you a sneak peek right here of 10 winners!
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2018 HW Vanguard: Steve Smith

Finicity co-founder and CEO
Steve Smith and Finicity are helping to lead an industry-wide transformation in underwriting, away from manual and toward digital.
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The rise of the robots

Has your job already been terminated?
Artificial Intelligence relies on increased data volumes, advanced algorithms, and improvements in computing power and storage, according to computer analytics firm SAS; all of which is available today. AI requires no human intervention and can make decisions on its own. This ability to move from strength to strength is defined by the Harvard Business Review as Machine Learning (ML).
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Finicity in the Winner’s Circle: Mortgage lenders need a digital-or-bust mentality

CEO Steve Smith gives advice to lenders who want to stay competitive
Speaking to HousingWire Editor-in-Chief Jacob Gaffney on his podcast series In The Winner’s Circle, the CEO of data aggregator Finicity, Steve Smith gave some advice to mortgage lenders who wish to stay competitive. Smith talks about this and elaborates on the importance of customer-data protection, how lenders use tech to save valuable time and the early role that blockchain technology is also playing in the industry.
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May Kudos: Celebrating milestones, launches and awards in the mortgage industry

Angel Oak, Peerstreet, MortgageHippo and HousingWire
A new company, Eave, launched its lending business in Colorado in April, offering jumbo mortgages to homebuyers in the state. Eave was founded by three tech-and-finance veterans: former Capital One executive Saro Vasudevan, Jack McCambridge, a former executive at Hailo, and Anoop Ranganath, a former manager at Foursquare.
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FormFree's AccountChek integrates with BeSmartee's POS platform

Automated asset verification now a part of BeSmartee's POS platform
FormFree announced on Wednesday that its AccountChek automated asset verification service is now part of BeSmartee's mortgage point-of-sale platform. FormFree explained that this integration will speed up BeSmartee’s digital loan process and provide a more accurate assessment of borrowers’ ability to pay.
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Hot Seat: Simon Moir of eOriginal

eOriginal delivers eClosing capabilities to companies of all sizes with an open platform
Originators can digitally create the promissory note and securely manage it as an authoritative copy with delivery to secondary market. For instance, by sending the note digitally from the originator to a warehouse lender, the risk of a lost note or shipping are eliminated. Thanks to technology, the eNote is delivered and transferred instantly, with data that can be instantly validated. This advancement accelerates the time between origination and the replenishment of capital.
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J.D. Power: Will mortgage lending go fully digital in 2018?

Trend grows toward heavy tech development
J.D. Power conducted a new study which shows, for the first time, refinance and purchase customers cited online/website as the most frequent method of submitting a mortgage application. The number of buyers that began their mortgage application digitally surged from last year. Are we finally on the verge?
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Simplifile becomes 5th authorized eNotary in Arkansas

Pushes complete digital mortgage process one step further
Simplifile announced it just became the fifth authorized electronic notary in Arkansas. While e-mortgages are making strides in the housing industry, eClosings are still rare, mostly due to state restrictions surrounding eNotaries. However, that is slowly beginning to change.
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UWM launches virtual eClosings for purchases in 16 states

Expects it will be how all closings are done in near future
United Wholesale Mortgage announced it is expanding its virtual eClosings to borrowers in 16 states, and making the option available to purchase borrowers. The company explained its virtual eClosing is available in 16 states now and it expects this will be the way all closings are done in the near future.
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2017 HW Vanguard: Ben Madick

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Matic Insurance Services
Since 2016, Matic Insurance Services has steadily grown to become the market leader in lender and servicer distribution of homeowner's insurance. Over the last year, Co-founder and COO Ben Madick and his team of 28 employees have forged partnerships with more than 10 of the nation’s top-rated insurance carriers.
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Mr. Cooper leads $7 million funding for digital homeowners insurance agency Matic

Will make Matic’s services available in coming digital mortgage platform
Mr. Cooper, the nonbank formerly known as Nationstar, is getting into the homeowners insurance business – sort of. Mr. Cooper isn’t going to be writing its own insurance policies, at least not yet, but the company did invest in Matic Insurance Services, a digital homeowners insurance agency that allows mortgage borrowers to buy homeowners insurance during the mortgage transaction.
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Out of the shadows: How fintech is infiltrating the mortgage industry

And what traditional lenders should be doing to adapt
A study released in the National Bureau of Economic Research maintains that nonbanks, such as Quicken and loanDepot, essentially tripled market share for mortgage lending between 2007 to 2015. You read that right: tripled market share in less than 10 years. How is such a high level of disruption possible? Read on.
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United Wholesale completes first eClosing

Allows buyers to remotely close entire mortgage
United Wholesale Mortgage announced it recently completed its first e-closing, allowing certain borrowers to complete the process without ever leaving their home. In fact, borrowers can now complete the entire closing from anywhere with a connection to a wireless network.
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