OSC, a Breckenridge Insurance Group company

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Contact: Michael Randall
Title: EVP, Director of Business Development
Phone: 305.237.5428
Toll Free: 800.432.1258


OSC, a Breckenridge Insurance Group company
245 TownPark Drive
Suite 200
Kennesaw GA 30144
United States
OSC is a leading provider of compliance-driven insurance tracking technology and products and services for diverse lenders, mortgage servicers and property investors. As a Managing General Underwriter, we have access to top-rated and competitive insurance solutions for lender-placed, investor property/REO, flood, auto CPI, blanket hazard, mortgage impairment coverage and more to customize an approach to best protect clients’ portfolios and business interests. Using our proprietary IrisX tracking technology, we simplify the risk management of even the most complex, multi-collateral portfolios. With our U.S. based advanced call centers, robust document processing/EDI and in-house programming capabilities—along with rigorous security and governance practices—OSC delivers full or partial outsourced insurance programs to drive efficiencies without sacrificing quality or customer experience.
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