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Contact: Krish Swaminathan
Title: Global Head of Mortgage Solutions & Client Relations
Phone: 713-859-5024
Toll Free: 585-586-5757


Sutherland Mortgage Services
Houston TX 77036
United States

Today's mortgage market faces volatility, sharp volume swings, and increased regulatory scrutiny. Like other customer-focused industries, mortgage companies are looking for ways to better control costs, reduce capital expenditures, and improve service levels. And Sutherland’s process transformation solutions can help. We work with mortgage lenders to accomplish their goals through creating smarter processes—from mortgage origination, to underwriting, to servicing—by driving innovation through design thinking, digital solutions, and analytics. Our mortgage compliance department can also keep your staff current on the ever-shifting regulatory and licensing environment.

Explore the range of Mortgage Solutions services that are available through Sutherland’s Business Process and Customer Engagement Transformation service areas.

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