Investability® Real Estate Investor Marketplace

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Contact: Dennis Cisterna
Title: Vice President, Investability Real Estate, Inc.
Phone: (855) 239-3652


Investability® Real Estate Investor Marketplace
United States

Investability® is a unique real estate investor marketplace that utilizes industry data to provide estimated cash flow, capitalization rate, net yield and market value analysis on over one million  investment properties for sale in the United States, including exclusive listings.* Using this information, Investability allows investors nationwide to search and sort potential investment properties by these specific financial performance metrics and make educated real estate decisions without geographic limitations.  

Exclusive listings are selected in markets where we can offer you a network of experienced professionals, including property managers, lenders and insurance providers, available to help every step of the way.

These professional service providers are an essential part of an efficient closing process as well as the continued management of the property going forward.

* Through REALHome™ Services and Solutions acting as the listing broker

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