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Contact: Hannah Shain
Title: Director of Marketing
Phone: 720-988-6852


2420 17th Street
Denver CO 80202
United States
By the time the average American reaches 65 years of age, 83% of their retirement will come from their home equity. In addition, homeowners are losing billions of dollars in wealth every year because they are making poorly timed financial decisions about their homes. The US real estate market is valued at 30 trillion dollars and homeowners today need more than ever a system of intelligence to help them manage their home equity. Homebot is a software company based out of Denver, Colorado. The Homebot product itself is a dynamic financial dashboard designed to help homeowners build wealth and save money with the single largest asset they may ever own; their home. Thousands of lenders and real estate agents use Homebot to deliver real time, personalized home finance information to their clients in turn generating more repeat business and referrals.
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