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Contact: Jeffrey Flory
Title: SVP - Sales
Phone: (714) 381-1927


The Compliance Group
1901 Camino Vida Roble
Suite 115
Carlsbad CA 92008
United States
At its heart, The Compliance Group is a service-oriented company supported by unrivalled expertise. In response to the past decade’s unprecedented regulatory and political landscape, TCG has made it its mission to support clients and the industry at large in navigating this challenging compliance and business landscape. Today’s climate requires a dynamic approach to compliance. At TCG we understand the nuances of federal and state laws and regulations, informal regulatory guidance, court decisions and political agendas, and work closely with regulators to deliver the clearest picture of compliance to our clients. Leverage our regulatory relationships to free up more internal resources and transform compliance and quality control into a profit center for your company. TCG is not new to the compliance space. We have been delivering premier compliance services for more than 17 years, helping our clients manage both boom and bust environments. Although the housing market is once again on stable footing, changing political landscapes and evolving regulatory interpretations and enforcement approaches continue to challenge mortgage lenders and servicers. We distinguish ourselves with a hands-on, technology-enabled approach. We not only offer automated audits and reports, we take the time to consult and guide clients to resolve even the most difficult compliance issues. With more and more vendors competing in the mortgage space, we have made it our mission to operate as an extension of our client’s organization – going beyond a simple service provider.
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