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Contact: Kerri S. Milam
Title: President
Phone: 404-378-0850


Depth Public Relations, LLC
798 N. Parkwood Road
Decatur GA 30030
United States

How do you stand out in flooded markets? You add Depth.

Founded by 25-year PR and marketing veteran Kerri Milam, Depth Public Relations leverages maturity, experience and perspective to help businesses build reputation, create preference for their products and services, and increase sales opportunities.

With a record of success on behalf of business-to-business clients focused in the financial services industry, DepthPR is well suited to strategize and execute multi-faceted campaigns built for rapid effectiveness and long-term success for companies in the mortgage finance space.

DepthPR has had demonstrable success working with lean marketing teams to buttress national sales initiatives – we like the energy that comes from lean marketing muscle. Our reputation management services are supported by dynamic methodologies for managing and fulfilling productive relationships with the media – we are lean and energetic ourselves. Furthermore, DepthPR’s content strategies are built for proliferation and multi-purposing across the marketing function – we know from experience why messaging resonates and how to pack it with accuracy, relevance and timeliness (ART).

Don’t just be present in the market. Achieve depth.

For more information about DepthPR services, visit, or email Kerri S. Milam at

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