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Contact: Jennifer Smith
Phone: 877-747-2537


Property Insight
600 North Brand Blvd
Glendale CA 91203
United States

Property Insight has made Perfecting the Search for Title® the touchstone to its many accomplishments since its formation in 2002.

We manage automated title plants that are accessed using proprietary search software that enable title insurance and real estate professionals to locate real property, verify ownership and underwrite title insurance. TitlePoint, our flagship Web browser-based title search and order management platform, is the most technologically advanced of its kind.

We also provide title production and custom search services that supplement our clients' production capacity, capitalizing on our knowledge of data and understanding of local search practices.

Our data resources include title plants that are indexed by property location and by name; document images of recorded land records and maps; property tax information; court records, and historical plant records in electronic and paper-based files.

We invite you to join us in our pursuit of perfection for your business.

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