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Contact: Collin Harbour
Title: VP Business Development
Phone: 972.428.6906


18451 Dallas Parkway
Suite 200
Dallas TX 75287
United States

Founded in 1996, Dallas-based DIMONT provides specialty insurance and collateral loss mitigation solutions to the residential and commercial financial industries in the United States.

DIMONT provides outstanding service with flexible terms and delivery models to mortgage and auto loan investors and servicers. Every client is our VIP.

DIMONT’s Services: Hazard and Auto Insurance Claims Adjustment
- Our expert team, including in-house licensed public adjusters, reviews collateral assets for claimable damage, and then files and resolves the claims
- DIMONT’S track record of managing timelines and pursuing recoverable depreciation sets us apart in the hazard claims adjustment field
- Our industry-leading scale and proprietary technology provides incomparable stability and security for our clients, while affording them unmatched pricing and delivery flexibility

Specialty Insurance, Data, and Collateral Loss Mitigation Solutions
- DIMONT leverages its deep domain experience to engage with clients to analyze, design and execute solutions for unique insurance-related issues and situations
- We help our mortgage servicing clients remain in compliance with investors and regulators by determining an accurate valuation of real estate collateral for flood insurance purposes
- DIMONT provides additional specialty collateral loss mitigation services that allow our servicing clients to focus on their core business and reduce operating costs, such as processing loss drafts, auto gap coverage, FHA (Part A, B), VA, GSE and MI Claims, borrower letters, etc. 

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