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[Pulse] Why loan officers should keep it simple to build their personal brand

Actionable advice on how to intensify your digital marketing strategy
The digital mortgage boom is here, and the buzz is LOUD. So loud, in fact, that it's easy to be distracted from the data. Usage rates of all of the exciting new tools that we put in front of our loan officers are going in the right direction, but we're still not at 100% adoption, maybe because we haven't kept things as simple as they needed to be for our LOs in this ultra-competitive environment. So, here's some simple, specific, actionable advice on how you can leverage technology to market your personal brand.
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[Pulse] Don't buy into the hype over a pending real estate crash

That said, don't discount hype all together
Recent data has shown that home price growth is slowing, and the news might have had some real estate investors choking on their breakfast cereal. Every time we see an in-depth analysis of a weekly change in interest rates or mortgage loan application data, we remind ourselves not to buy into the hype. But while "don't buy into the hype" is good advice in general, there's also a compelling reason why we should not discount it entirely.
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[Pulse] Here are the 10 markets where home prices will rise most in 2019

This year will see significant price softening in the West
After nearly two years of continuous projected year-over-year increases in nationwide residential real estate appreciation, we predict that properties in the largest 100 markets will appreciate at just 3.9% in the coming year. Increasing housing supply and rising interest rates will be key contributors to the softening of the market.
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[Pulse] Lenders, you've got hurdles to overcome on the path toward the digital mortgage

Consumer education is sorely lacking
Using television commercials and marketing initiatives as an indicator of public interest in digital mortgages, you might think the entire world was clamoring to make one of their biggest financial life choices by saying, "Alexa, get me a mortgage." It is not. In fact, according to our survey, many American consumers struggle to define what, exactly, constitutes a digital mortgage.
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[Pulse] 7 tips for surviving FHA’s annual recertification process

How to navigate issues that have vexed mortgagees in the past to make the process less painful
HUD has not yet indicated whether it will extend the March 31 deadline due to the partial government shutdown, but mortgagees shouldn't make assumptions. Prepare early and use this checklist offers to navigate your way through a less painful recertification process, avoiding problems that have vexed mortgagees in the past.
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[Pulse] Not your average 2019 marketing and business tips

Industry pros offer their hot takes for success in the year ahead
In the spirit of the New Year, I have sought input from some of the best in the business of mortgage lending and real estate to present you with real insights for finding success in 2019 and beyond. Here, you'll find the foundation for your playbook. Now, it is up to you to put it in play.
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[Pulse] Op-ed: The next steps for GSEs

Policymakers, handle this with care
If indeed we are weeks away from a plan for overhauling the GSEs, there is currently no telling what this might entail, leaving stakeholders to project onto the future whatever their hopes and fears might lead them to. The administration needs to clarify its position, and sooner rather than later. Signaling movement in the absence of any clear sense of direction comes at too high a cost for a market that shouldn't have to bear it.
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Introducing Pulse, HW's new column for industry thought leaders

Where you can hear directly from the most influential voices in housing
Ever since HousingWire launched more than a decade ago, our objective has been to keep Moving Markets Forward. And we thought, what better way to do that than to create a platform where the housing industry’s best and brightest share their ideas on issues affecting the market? And so, we’d like to introduce you to Pulse, an invitation-only column penned by industry thought leaders. No noise. Just expertise.
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