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Week 43 of the Lender Implementation Timeline has started, and the project research and budget approval phase should now be 100% complete in your organization. Staying on par with the timeline, next week will kick off the Analyses and Decisions phase, in which you’ll be reviewing your workflow, systems and compliance in order to determine the revised procedures, system recommendations and policies necessary.

So, how many of you are on pace with go-live on Aug. 1, 2015?

Last week was incredibly busy for us, so our normal blog posts were traded for some information about what’s going on with Pavaso.  To summarize, our preparation for the CFPB eClosing Pilot is underway with our business partners whowill be participating with us.  We’ll be in a better position to share a little more information this week or next, so stay tuned on that.

We also provided a quick update on the tradeshow lineup that starts next week, beginning with ALTA’s Annual Convention in Seattle, where our director of eStrategy, Nancy G. Pratt, will participate on a panel to discuss closings of today, the CFPB eClosing Pilot, eClosings in the real world, and launching your own eClosing effort. Pavaso representatives will be available in booth 407 to provide more information and demonstrations of our platform, so be sure to stop by.

Then, the day ALTA ends we’ll be arriving in Las Vegas, for MBA’s Annual Convention. We’ll be at booth 451 providing demonstrations of our platform, and raffling off a pair of prizes. We’ll also have a special guest at the booth — Nicole Johnson (Miss America 1999) on Monday, Oct. 20th.

Last but not least, my discussion with Donald Trump, Jr. on 21st Century Television aired last night on Bloomberg TV. It was a great experience – I felt that our discussion really summarized the changes the industry is facing, and how our solution provides an answer to those issues. If you missed it, the next airing is scheduled for November, and we’ll provide an update on when and what channel it will be on.

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