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MBA Compliance Essentials Handbook

As we know it, the Loan Estimate (LE) combines the TIL and GFE. The design principles, per the MBA Compliance Essentials handbook, for the LE are:

  • Less text, more graphical design
  • Information not education
  • More important and usable information earlier
  • LE and Closing Disclosure (CD) should match
  • One-page mortgage shopping sheet

The consumer will see some basic questions answered upfront: “Will my loan amount, interest rate or monthly P&I increase?” All of that seems very straightforward, but what if the loan does have a pre-payment penalty or perhaps a balloon payment? Is there some education available that is handy to understand items like a pre-payment penalty or balloon payment?   

Education is critical to understanding the information. The spirit of the rule as we have mentioned in previous blogs is education, fairness and transparency for the consumer with an overall goal of having a confident consumer show up to closing. 

The LE form is much cleaner and easier to read, but the average consumer could still be confused by what various terms mean. In order to get a more confident consumer to show up at closing, the creditor must deliver accompanying education material specifically geared towards understanding definitions and terms displayed on the LE form.

How have you planned on providing more information and education to the consumer?

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