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Farmer Mac, ABA Renew Alliance

(October 29, 2007) -- The American Bankers Association said this morning that it has renewed what it called a "unique alliance" with the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation, or Farmer Mac.
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One of the Nation's Largest Insurance Providers Teams With 3t Systems and Mortgage Cadence to Establish Nationwide Mortgage Banking Operations

(October 15, 2007) -- 3t Systems, Inc. and Mortgage Cadence, Inc. announced the successful launch of the Mortgage Cadence product suite, providing the foundation for a nationwide insurance company to establish a mortgage banking operation. (Which insurance company was not specified in the release.)
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Reunion Mortgage Originates eMortgages with DocuTech

(October 9, 2007) -- DocuTech Corp., a provider of compliance services and documentation technology for the mortgage industry, announced that Milpitas, Calif.-based Reunion Mortgage implemented DocuTech's ConformX® with SMART Docs, a Web-based interface for closing paperless mortgages.
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