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Derailing Economic Stimulus

Admit it: you knew it was too good to be true when you heard that an economic stimulus plan was flying through Congress. Senate Democrats are proving to be more than a speedbump, reports the AP. We've heard that Senate Republicans don't like the GSE loan limit provisions being proposed, either.
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There's a credit pull for that

CR over at the Calculated Risk blog tackles the newest meme among borrowers -- walking away, even if loans are recourse, in order to get into a now-devalued (and cheaper) house. What's amazing is that this can even happen; it's not that hard to find out if a borrower has another mortgage.
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ProVest Partners with Process Server Toolbox

(December 11, 2007) -- ProVest, a national process server management company dedicated to improving the default servicing industry, said that it has partnered with Database Services, Inc., the makers of the popular Process Server's Toolbox (PST) software, to provide an interface that reduces reporting time and data entry for process servers facing record-high foreclosure volumes.
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