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DocuTech: live from a conference, somewhere

Document and compliance service provider DocuTech put out a press statement today, and the message was clear: we're at a trade show! It's an age old tradition to blow some money on a press statement when exhibiting, and DocuTech didn't disappoint. (The company also said it's added 14 new clients in the past quarter, so not all tech firms are doing poorly.)
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Compliance: 'That's so hot right now'

No apologies to Paris Hilton, but the truth is that compliance and risk management are hot right now. Witness IMS, a property preservation vendor, that said Monday it's hired Kathy Sutton as its risk and compliance officer. Sutton joins IMS from LandAm, where she worked inQA operations.
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NCRC Snags Fed Chief

The NCRC started touting its annual convention today, noting that none other than Ben Bernanke will deliver a keynote at the event in mid-March. We think the Fed chief's speech should be titled "Can't You Guys Just Fix This? I Can Only Drop the Target Rate So Much," but that's probably just us.
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Derailing Economic Stimulus

Admit it: you knew it was too good to be true when you heard that an economic stimulus plan was flying through Congress. Senate Democrats are proving to be more than a speedbump, reports the AP. We've heard that Senate Republicans don't like the GSE loan limit provisions being proposed, either.
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There's a credit pull for that

CR over at the Calculated Risk blog tackles the newest meme among borrowers -- walking away, even if loans are recourse, in order to get into a now-devalued (and cheaper) house. What's amazing is that this can even happen; it's not that hard to find out if a borrower has another mortgage.
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