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On the radar ...

Housing Wire gets a nod from Tim Annett at the Wall Street Journal's MarketBeat blog for an earlier story on credit unions and subprime lending.
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Even Krugman Can Be Right, Occassionally

The NY Times' Paul Krugman isn't always wrong: "Why has a crisis that began with loans to a limited group of home buyers ended up disrupting so much of the financial system? Because, ultimately, it's more than a subprime crisis; indeed, it's more than a housing crisis. It's a crisis of faith."
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Hedge Funds Fisking Banks?

Here's a turnaround most might not have seen coming; rather than the banks worrying about hedge funds going rogue, it's now the hedge funds that are engaging in due diligence on the banks they work with. The concern is not a hedge-fund blow up, but rather a greater concern over bank stability.
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It's About Time

Rob Chrisman reports that Citigroup is set to -- finally -- eliminated stated-income lending, including so-called SISA and SIVA programs. Our question: really? Citi went into 2008 still making those loans?
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