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Announcing Housing Wire Magazine

I’m very excited to let HW readers know that today we’re unveiling the next step for Housing Wire as a publication -- Housing Wire Magazine, the first independent monthly to cover all of mortgage finance. You can subscribe today for less than $10 an issue -- $149 gets you a subscription through the end of next year (regular subscription price is $180 per year).
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If it's not Lone Star, it's TPG.

HW broke the story last Friday that an affiliate of Lone Star Funds had snapped up Bear Stearns' residential origination platform -- the former ECC Capital wholesale/correspondent paltform, for those of you with an industry memory -- which is adding to the groups already large mortgage holdings. Lone Star alraedy owns former subprime giant Accredited Home Lenders, Inc.
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Countrywide wants up-front payments to discuss some loan mods? So what?

Last week's Investor's Business Daily painted a pretty rough picture of everyone's favorite industry whipping post Countrywide Financial Corp., after getting wind of a servicing policy that requires some delinquent borrowers to pay 30 percent of arrearages before the lender will begin discussing loan modification options -- fees that the reporter, Kathleen Doler, called "a steep entrance fee." From the story, an indictment:
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Investors and Insurers, Finding Fraud

Here in the BuzzPost, we've been sounding the horn over the prevalence of mortgage fraud in recent weeks -- witness an earlier discussion of Ambac's education on the matter -- and yesterday's Wall Street Journal picked up a strong, smelly scent. (You know, the same one that's already got insurers and investors up in arms?) From the WSJ, a mention of the obvious:
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Whither thou, credit crunch?

Wear-out isn't just a concept for media and advertising planners; it also describes the public's appetite for things like the word "subprime" and "credit crunch." And after the Fed's bailout of Bear Stearns -- a move that we still think was the right thing to do here at HW -- credit concerns eased somewhat, and investors started to breathe easier. Is the worst behind us? Really?
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Happy, shiny real estate news

Want to pretend the bad news is a figment of media creation? For those who want to keep their heads firmly planted in the sand, at least one broker information source isn't hiding its agenda -- it will only cover good news about the real estate market. The site,, was launched by a company that provides market data for brokers and agents nationwide.
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