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NEXT mortgage conference kicks off by empowering women to stand together

Attendants prepare to learn latest trends in mortgage tech
NEXT, the mortgage tech conference for women, has kicked off, and its leaders began by describing the importance of women in not just mortgage finance, or tech, but in the business world. The conference is full of women from all over the U.S., ready to learn the latest trends from the mortgage tech industry, and the next two days should bring the latest trends to the forefront.
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Are you a tech innovator in housing? Show us!

Time is running out, apply for HW’s Tech100!
Are you a tech innovator in housing? This is your chance to show to us what you can do. The HW TECH100 is the essential list of the top 100 firms making waves in the housing and mortgage finance space. Hundreds apply, but only 100 companies make the final cut.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Construction boom could ease affordability in 2018

And what the latest DACA news means for housing
To probably no one’s surprise, affordable housing continues to worsen in buyer and rental markets. But this could take a positive turn in 2018 as many experts continue to predict the market is shaping up for a construction boom. Unless, of course, the administration’s immigration policies continue to deplete the much-needed construction labor force.
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Now accepting: HW Tech100 nominations!

Is your company a tech innovator in housing? Tell us more!
Is your company a tech innovator and pioneer in the housing finance industry? Great! Show us what you've got! Nominations for HousingWire’s TECH100 program are now open!
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2018: The year of the title company

Why real estate professionals can’t afford to continue with business as usual
The real estate industry made significant movement this year toward improved communications between all the professionals and consumers that are required for a property sale. At the core of this is a concerted effort by the title industry to apply technology to modernize and upgrade the closing process.
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Beyond the digital POS: Time to focus on the underwriter

2017 will go down as the year of the customer experience
If 2016 was the year of compliance, then 2017 will go down as the year of the customer experience. Lost in all of the excitement, however, is the disconnect between the digital consumer experience and the cobbled together, often manual processes, that make up the back-end of the mortgage process.
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Dear St. Mick: My Holiday wishlist for the CFPB’s new director

3 big-ticket items
[Op-ed] Well, as I was perusing the “Dear Santa” wish lists of my young nephews, I felt inspired to write up a wishlist to St. Mick (the CFPB’s newly-appointed Acting Director, Mick Mulvaney). I’m hoping that somehow, by some holiday magic, someone at the CFPB will see it and consider some changes that would certainly brighten the new year for our industry.
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Countdown: The top 10 HousingWire stories of the year (9,10)

Here’s what our readers were most interested in
As we count down the days until Christmas and the new year, HousingWire is beginning to look at our year in review. Here are some of the most popular articles of the year; some of them might surprise you – I know they surprised me! While others are more obvious.
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