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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: What a government shutdown means for housing

Impact on FHA, VA, Fannie, Freddie, CFPB
Well, in case you didn’t hear it over the weekend (and if you didn’t, good for you for being able to fully unplug), the government shut down at 12:01 a.m. Eastern on Saturday after Republicans and Democrats were unable to come to an agreement to keep the government funded and functioning. Here's what it means for housing.
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4 ways to capture multicultural sales in 2018

Examples from Alterra Home Loans and Other Industry Leaders
[Op-Ed] Leading companies are using multicultural marketing strategies on the front line as part of their total market strategy. The ones who are effective are not simply translating their flyers or adding diversity to their ads. Through their marketing efforts and customer experience, the best companies are reflecting the country’s shift in cultural norms and expectations to connect with today’s diverse consumers.
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New housing voices on Capitol Hill will reshape industry’s future

New faces in Washington mean change is coming
[Op-Ed] What we all knew would happen has finally happened — the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Richard Cordray, has stepped down and has been replaced with a person more aligned with the current administration. It’s what always happens when there’s a change of power. But Cordray’s replacement is just one of several new voices on Capitol Hill that are about to reshape housing policy as we know it.
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NEXT mortgage conference kicks off by empowering women to stand together

Attendants prepare to learn latest trends in mortgage tech
NEXT, the mortgage tech conference for women, has kicked off, and its leaders began by describing the importance of women in not just mortgage finance, or tech, but in the business world. The conference is full of women from all over the U.S., ready to learn the latest trends from the mortgage tech industry, and the next two days should bring the latest trends to the forefront.
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Are you a tech innovator in housing? Show us!

Time is running out, apply for HW’s Tech100!
Are you a tech innovator in housing? This is your chance to show to us what you can do. The HW TECH100 is the essential list of the top 100 firms making waves in the housing and mortgage finance space. Hundreds apply, but only 100 companies make the final cut.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Construction boom could ease affordability in 2018

And what the latest DACA news means for housing
To probably no one’s surprise, affordable housing continues to worsen in buyer and rental markets. But this could take a positive turn in 2018 as many experts continue to predict the market is shaping up for a construction boom. Unless, of course, the administration’s immigration policies continue to deplete the much-needed construction labor force.
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Now accepting: HW Tech100 nominations!

Is your company a tech innovator in housing? Tell us more!
Is your company a tech innovator and pioneer in the housing finance industry? Great! Show us what you've got! Nominations for HousingWire’s TECH100 program are now open!
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