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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Manafort to forfeit $21.7 million in real estate holdings

Plea deal includes five properties and three bank accounts
Welcome to another week. It’s time for your Monday Morning Cup of Coffee. Wake up; smell the coffee; and let’s make some money this fine Monday morning. Monday Morning Cup of Coffee takes a look at news coming across HousingWire's weekend desk, with more coverage to come on bigger issues.
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Home equity fails as an investment

Too many homeowners simply can’t tap it
[Expert commentary] Societal views have conditioned us to look at buying a home as an investment. Putting money into a mortgage is much better than throwing it away on rent, right? Maybe not so much these days.
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2-city housing boom hits Nevada

Reno, Carson City jump in Veros index
Reno will appreciate at a rate of 9.5% over the next year. The neighboring Carson City MSA is also projected to see property values appreciate at 9.5%. Neither was in the Top Ten for home price appreciation last quarter. So what happened?
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Are you leveraging omnichannel payment solutions?

Sign up for this HW webinar to learn how a comprehensive payment strategy can impact your business
As consumers demand more options in the mortgage industry, the value of omnichannel payment solutions also grows. There is some stigma in the mortgage industry behind self-service payment options, mainly due to the fear of increased fraud risk and a loss of control over payments. But experts in payments understand the power self-service payment options have in customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies.
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Pamela Herrmann, vice president of marketing at Mortgage Cadence, to speak at

Will speak on strategies for attracting and keeping top talent
In a competitive market, recruiting and retaining great employees is a key priority for any mortgage executive. That’s why we invited Pamela Herrmann, vice president of marketing at Mortgage Cadence, to discuss the best ways to nurture a marketing team at our event at the session entitled Strategies for Attracting and Keeping Top Talent.
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Phillip Schulman, partner at Mayer Brown, to speak at

Will speak on RESPA co-marketing panel
Lenders and real estate agents have to be careful as they navigate the murky compliance waters of MSAs, co-advertising arrangements, desk rentals and lead generation agreements. That's why we've invited Phillip Schulman, a partner in Mayer Brown's Washington D.C. office, to lead a discussion at on RESPA and co-marketing concerns.
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Jake Fehling, vice president of marketing at Movement Mortgage, to speak at

Panel on strategic partnerships and tech integrations as marketing tools
Forging strategic partnerships is now table stakes for lenders and fintech companies. That's why we've invited Jake Fehling, vice president of marketing at Movement Mortgage, to speak at our event on Strategic Partnerships and Tech Integrations as Marketing Tools. 
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