Aren't things supposed to be slow in December? Not if you want to buy a house, apparently. Or at least thinking about it... Zillow's abundant web pages of homes for sale clearly showed that home prices were on the naughty list last year. But getting the word out apparently landed Zillow on the "nice" list somewhere. Real estate information company Zillow is reporting a record-breaking traffic month, by logging more than 13 million unique users in the traditionally slow real estate month of December. Thanks to July's partnership with Yahoo! Real Estate, Zillow very well may be the largest online real estate ad network. The 13 million users translates to a 77% year-over-year traffic growth. The website isn't even half a decade old. Check out its Christmas list (Zillow got everything listed this year): * Get 20,000 people per hour to use Zillow Mobile in order to make it the most popular real estate app on iPhone, iPad and Android. * Become profitable in 2010. * Place almost 100 million homes in Zillow's database of all homes; 4 million are for sale and more than 170,000 are for rent (thank you!). * Make Zillow Mortgage Marketplace its fastest-growing business, receiving nearly 300,000 consumer loan requests per month. "The past year has been a monumental one for Zillow," said Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff. "We accomplished many of our goals. We're looking forward to celebrating our fifth anniversary in 2011 with anticipation and high hopes for the year to come." Jacob Gaffney is the editor of HousingWire. Follow him on Twitter @JacobGaffney. Write to him.