For those without a Valentine this year, the seemingly endless Hallmark, Kay Jeweler and Ghirardelli chocolate commercials are likely only depressing. But worry not, Trulia [stock TRLA][/stock] has done its research and can tell you where to move to improve your chances of not being alone when the big day rolls around next year.

Data shows that 62% of unmarried adults prefer to date someone who lives alone, while only 14% prefer someone who lives with a roommate (and by roommate, I do mean parents too).

Trulia looked at the ratio of men living alone to women living alone in order to establish the strongest dating scenes, subtracting nontraditional couples, and this is what they found…

Vegas may be just as lucky for women as it is for gamblers.  The ratio of men living alone to women living alone is the highest among the 100 largest metros at 1.34, or four men to every three women. Honolulu is also a smorgasbord for single women, with 1.27 men for every woman. 

It seems that single women know where the successful men are. Women outnumbered all men in the three big power centers of the Northeast. There is 1.12 Washington D.C. men for every woman, 1.09 Boston men per woman and 1.07 New York City men per every woman.

Digging even deeper, it seems that the single male crowd is migrating downtown, while the single women are flocking to more residential upscale properties. 

So if you are rolling solo this Valentine's Day, maybe it’s time for a nice vacation. You never know what you might find.