Even before Pinterest announced its new business accounts, real estate professionals utilized the site’s aesthetic appeal to market their services.  So first let’s talk about how Pinterest in its originality can benefit real estate agents (or even websites like HousingWire!).

Because Pinterest is a visual site, it’s the perfect platform for agents and brokers to advertise their properties for free. Plus, with the ability to add links back to a blog or website, Pinterest can generate serious traffic to individual or company websites. Many Realtors, for example, use Pinterest as a sort of testimonial page by asking happy customers to post photos in their new homes and tag the specific business page. 

So let’s dive into what the new business side of Pinterest means for real estate agents looking for a marketing resource. If you have a preexisting Pinterest page, fear not. Personal pages can be converted into the new business format.

The new business site allows for specific business names versus the previously required first and last name. Users will also be able to verify their Pinterest page, much like a verified Twitter account, to identify high-quality sources of content.

Companies, agents and brokers can also add buttons to their own websites to make it easier for visitors to “pin” items on Pinterest (using a “pin it” button) or follow their feeds on Pinterest to increase engagement.

Pinterest also published a set of best practices with examples of ways to utilize a business site. Additionally, marketing guidelines are provided as well. To learn more about converting your personal page to a business page, click here.

RE/MAX shows a great example of how Pinterest can be utilized for real estate here.