You may not have noticed, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average is like HousingWire's brother from another mother. They both follow major players in the housing industry, both are considered must-stop shops for investor information -- and both broke 10,000 today. That's right. Yours truly is celebrating its 10,000th post in just three years of operation! HousingWire was originally born strictly out of demand for a knowledgeable and authoritative voice about the mortgage finance markets. Paul Jackson, founder and CEO of HousingWire, originally ran this site as a blog before soon breaking away and starting his own publishing business. More than thirty employees, four publications and three new offices later, HousingWire continually takes pride in being a primary source for market trends, economic forecasts and financial reform coverage to investors and news junkies alike. It's because of you, dear readers, that all of this is possible! And because of you, things around these parts are still growing, transforming and molding to the industry so that we are able to provide timely, interesting and, above all, important news to the public. We even have a real time Dow Jones ticker on the HousingWire homepage, but you knew that. And just like the Industrial Average, we're here five days a week, 52 weeks a year. Lucky for the HousingWire staff, Christmas is on a Saturday this year. Write to Christine Ricciardi.