The family of a little girl battling brain cancer received a mortgage-free home from Wells Fargo [stock WFC][/stock] closer to her hospital in Michigan.

Wells certainly has a home or two it can give away, and it did the right thing in the case, in partnership with Angels of Hope.

It's a truly remarkable story and I am completely blown away by the little girl's mother, Tabitha Ford.

Here we have a woman, with a sticken daughter, and her husband suddenly finds himself without work. To me, it seems like a completely devestating turn of events.

And so, it's around the 2:20 mark of this touching story, where the mother shows true nobility.

"There's alot of other people out there who deserve it too," she says. "We were just blown away that they gave it to us. We've never felt this lucky before in our life."

Mrs. Ford, no one deserves it more than you.