Take some time today to check out the newest HW Conversation. It’s about the AG settlement, and perhaps the donation of a kidney. 

HousingWire Editor Jacob Gaffney sat down with Michael Waldron, mortgage-banking attorney for Ballard Spahr, to chat about the Attorneys General robosigning settlement and its likely effect on the mortgage industry.

“The sheer magnitude of the dollars are overwhelming, headline grabbers for sure,” he said. “But I would urge industry members to focus beyond those dollars and how those dollars are going to be segmented and look more towards the impact of the suggested reforms in the settlement agreement.” 

Calling the last few years, and the next three to five, the “most dynamic period in the mortgage industry,” Waldron said the thing his clients want most is “a uniform standard that is digestible and understandable and applied across the board.”

While he said the settlement would be complicated to adjust to at first, and perhaps more expensive than the initial dollar figure would suggest, he believes it will go a long way to creating more uniformity, and that there “will be cost savings down the road.” 

Check out the video by clicking here, and learn more about Waldron’s thoughts on the topic, as well as one of his good deeds.