Trulia is now in the process of revamping its website. Among other things, the real estate search engine will no longer list ads for competing agents on featured listings.

This puts a stop to the flood of complaints from the real estate industry that has pushed some Realtors to pull their listings entirely.

According to a blog posted Monday by Trulia CEO Pete Flint, the Trulia team “logged more than 100,000 miles on the road meeting with leading brokers across the country” over the last three months.

The result is a website that will make the identification of listing agents more prominent, remove competing ads on featured listings and improve data listing accuracy.

Of the three, the most controversial by far has been the tendency for both Trulia and Zillow [stock Z][/stock] to show competitor ads on feature listings. Now that Trulia will changing that, it may focus the criticism on Zillow — which already gets its fair share.

Click here to see Flint explain the new website.