For most Realtors, you spend money to make money. Hopefully, anyway.

And real estate agents know full well there are so many offers out there that could help make you some money — ads, personal post cards, special qualifications, etc.

Sometimes these investments yield returns. Other times, the poor Realtor ends up nickel and dimed to death.

Another scenario that involves real estate agents spending their cash; How many contracts get signed over lunch? Or drinks? And who typically pays in that case?

The Realtor.

Well, according to several real estate agents in San Francisco, a woman named Su Wan is targeting their ads for free meals, designer purses... whatever she can get her hands on.

And the cops can't do anything about it!

Check out the video below to learn Wan's tactics, courtesy of NBC Bay Area, to feel the "outrage, disgust and disbelief"...