Well, they did it. Protestors set up couches in front of a Bank of America branch in Manhattan, only to have their makeshift home taken away by the cops.

About 50 people gathered outside of the Bank of America as part of a call nationwide for Occupy participants to set up mini-living rooms at BofA and symbolically “foreclose” on the bank. The protestors intend to repeat this on the 15th of each month until executives agree to break up the bank into tiers.

The Manhattan protesters set up a living room complete with an armchair, couch, bookcase and even a houseplant only to have their furniture impounded and themselves arrested. Others took their march to Zuccotti Park, where police also gathered but no arrests were reported. The screenshot below shows the bank hauling away a little home set up in front of the bank. Don't you just smell the irony?

Protesters got creative, staging street theater and making “deposits” in front of a faux Bank of America:

Check out the video below for a full report, along with some pretty compelling images of furniture being wrestled away by the police. How many times does a couch get impounded in front of a bank?

Well, I guess it'll happen again next month … and the month after ... and the month after that. You get the idea.

In any case, the protesters may be displeased to hear that BofA's stock is up more than 21% this week upon news of the bank passing the Federal Reserve's stress test and the filing of the $25 billion mortgage settlement in court.