Today at HW, we're pleased to announce two new tools available on the site. We've come to learn that many readers rely on us for market data: so we're starting out by offering two new data services that represent a very small start towards meeting this demand.

The first is a really neat neighborhood data tool that lets you drill into data on specific neighborhoods across the U.S., or based on your neighborhood. You just put in a ZIP code, or an address, and the tool will give you data on housing prices and much more in that neighborhood: schools, census data summaries and more.

For housing, you can see more than price trends -- you can find out how many homes are owned, rented or vacant and compare that against city, ZIP and national levels.

Give it a try, and I think you'll find the data surprisingly useful!

The second tool we've added is a global economic calendar -- yes, global. We realize so many of our readers are focused on US markets, but the truth is that so much of what happens in the US financial markets can be (and is) driven by global financial markets. I probably only need mention Cyprus and what's happening right now in the EU to drive that point home.

This economic calendar will provide you with a daily summary of key data releases globally. Clicking on each will let you drill into historical data about each measure, too.

Both of these tools are now accessible under the Tools menu on our main navigation bar, so they're easy to find and use.

As I said, these two new tools are a first, small effort by HW to provide more key market data to our readers. Much more on this front is to come in the months ahead, so stay tuned!