Residential whole loan adviser MountainView Capital Group facilitated the purchase of approximately 2,500 performing second-lien closed-end loans and home equity lines of credit. The $110 million unpaid principal balance of the loan portfolio consists of collateral spread out nationally. Denver-based MountainView represented a buyside institution in purchasing the assets from a mortgage originator. “Current real estate values are reviewed but are of secondary importance in relation to the borrowers’ credit profile and ability to remain current on their payments," said Jonas Roth, managing director at MountainView Capital Group. "We continue to see robust activity in this sector as sellers recognize true value in the disposition of these assets." “This trade reflects increasing demand for performing second-lien loans,” he added. MountainView often sources loan product volumes from sellers to market to its large network of buyers. The capital group is one of six subsidiaries of MountainView Capital Holdings and is also a niche player in the secondary mortgage market. More information on the deal is not yet publicly available. Jacob Gaffney is the editor of HousingWire. Follow him on Twitter @JacobGaffney. Write to him.