When shopping for a new home, many people don't think about who their neighbors could be and how that could affect their living experience. But if they had the choice, most of the people surveyed would like to live next to Sandra Bullock. According to Zillow's Celebrity Neighbor Survey, 26% of respondents chose Bullock as the most desirable neighbor. Thirty percent of women voted her the most desirable neighbor, as did 22% of men. Personally, that doesn't surprise me. Bullock has always had that cute, lovable, do-gooder image, from protecting pageant queens in "Miss Congeniality" to reconnecting with her childhood in "Divine Secrets of Ya-Ya Sisterhood." She showed her strong, womanly independence after her public break up with Jesse James, and I'm sure after everyone saw "The Blindside," they were hopeful Bullock would take them into her $2.25 million mansion in New Orleans and feed and cloth them. Yeah, living next to Sandra Bullock would be peachy; however, 26% of Americans said living next to the cast of Jersey Shore would be less than desirable. Again, I'm not surprised. With all the money they spend on tanning and booze, they probably wouldn't be able to afford their mortgage. If they can't afford their mortgage, they go into default. If they go into default, they could potentially go into foreclosure, be evicted, drive down neighborhood property values and perpetuate the vicious cycle that is driving our current economy. Plus they get into fights almost every time they walk home from the bars … such a pleasant neighborhood that would be. It appears Snookie and Pauly D don't have alliances in their own region, as 33% of Northeasterners voted them the least desirable neighbors. My guess is they're speaking from personal experience. Other celebrities that got the vote for most desirable neighbor include Sarah Palin (10%), Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi (9%), the Obamas (8%) and Conan O'Brien (7%). Others voted least desirable neighbor include the Obamas (15%), Sarah Palin (13%), Kanye West (11%) and Mel Gibson (10%). I think it's safe to say that politics plays a role on how you are viewed on a personal level. Perhaps it's sheer coincidence neither The White House nor anyone in Alaska has neighbors. Write to Christine Ricciardi.