As the saying goes, mothers know best. So the fact that most moms are now saying they are worried about the economy and jobs shouldn't be taken lightly. Let me rephrase: 91% of moms surveyed in an index conducted by CaféMom said they were concerned about the state of the economy and jobs. The MomIndex is a quarterly survey tracking mom sentiment about their quality of life, future prospects and self image. The most recent survey of more than 2,000 moms was in August, right after the passage of Dodd-Frank. Of the 91% of moms that reported being worried about the economy, 45% said they had to rely on their savings or other support than wages to pay the bills. That's a big deal. We all know that moms don't like using their back up plan; they just like having one. Only 15% of moms reportedly trust the government is doing the right thing for the economy, while 19% believe the country is headed in the right direction. On top of that, 78% of the moms surveyed said they believe the world is changing in ways that will make their kids' lives worse. Listen up moms! We know it can be difficult to sit on the sidelines and watch the White House suck away your child's Social Security funds or witness your boy get bullied on Wall Street. But one thing is for sure. We at HousingWire want to do everything in our power to put your worries at ease. So see our new website section we created just for you, Take a Chill Pill. Oh wait, everything really is going down in flames. I thought mom was just having another hot flash. Write to Christine Ricciardi.