If you're looking for a job in mortgage finance, you may want to try risk management and quality assurance.

At least that's the message mortgage finance professionals took away from the MBA's 2012 Risk Management and Quality Assurance Forum in Dallas.

With virtually every player in the mortgage finance space grappling with an onslaught of new rules and quality control issues, departments focused on risk assessment and data crunching are loaded with work. The good news is demand for data could create demand for data and compliance-focused professionals.

"If there is certainty in any profession in the mortgage finance space, it is in this room," Stevens said while speaking to a roomful of professionals focused on risk management in Dallas.

Key areas include quality assurance, underwriting, servicing quality control and risk analytics.

If the conference put anything into perspective, it drove home one key point: Data is king in today's mortgage finance space and those who can analyze it to detect hidden risks may be sitting in the right place at the right time.