David Stevens, the CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association just wrote an introductory blog post on why housing matters on social media network LinkedIn.

So it should come as no surprised he titled it, "Introductory Blog Post - Why Housing Matters."

"I am thrilled to be tapped as one of LinkedIn's first bloggers," he said by way of introduction. "I am excited for an opportunity to share my concerns and thoughts about my industry (and ultimately the economy), as well as what we can all do to address those concerns with this professional audience."

He does a great job of laying it down for LinkedIn followers.

At one point he points to some of the current challenges facing the housing economy.

"Our industry is facing more than 100 new housing regulations under the Dodd-Frank Act alone -It is important that we get it all right," Stevens writes. "We cannot allow the mistakes that almost took down the US economy to happen again."

Nice work, Mr. Stevens.

You may yet convince me to invest in a LinkedIn upgrade (not today though).