We personally think the economists have had more than enough opportunity to forecast about 2009 -- from when the housing market will bottom out to the effective nationalization of U.S. banks to how the economy will upswing on the far side of the "Great Recession." We may be just a few weeks in, but there's a definite feel for where 2009 is really headed with Citigroup Inc.'s troubles, talks of more bank bailouts and economic stimulus packages. Here at HousingWire, we thought it's about time we turn the mic over to our readers to see what industry players and participants are predicting about the direction the year will go. Put on your sorcerer's hats and get out those crystal globes for a moment to look into the future and predict what the "theme" will be for 2009. This time next year, what will be the thing that we look back on as having defined 2009 and why? Will it be "refinance frenzy," "Buy! Buy! Buy!" or "Bye, bye, 401-K"? We'll pick the best entries to appear in the March issue of HousingWire. Click here to complete the survey and be included in the next print issue. Be as detailed as you'd like, but be sure to include your name, city and e-mail address for inclusion.