Seen circulating around MBS trading desks today... you've got to sing in the key of the Eagles 'Take it Easy': Well I'm runnin out of road, tryin' to buy a boat load I've got a trillion govvies on-my-mind Four that some bank sold me, two are interest only, and one that I've owned since '09. Keep on easin! Keep on easin! Don't let the fear of inflation drive you crazy Buy 'em up while you still can, don't even try to counter Uncle Sam Just hit my bid or you'll be canned, and don't get queasy Well I'm feelin like a mourner, wishin' I was John Boehner, such a fine sight to see! Its a bond, my Lord, call off that water board its ain't high enough not to get bought by me. Come on Ben-baby, don't say maybe! You gotta know that zero-based funding ... is gonna save me!