Hands down it was Stewart in perhaps the most awkward and entertaining late night interview in at least five years, Thursday night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Stewart and crew have turned up the volume a notch on criticism against CNBC in recent days, and last night's episode was the latest high note in what has become a long-running feud between the two. Here's Part 1 of the interview:


Stewart was more serious than he was funny in the interview, which made for some awkward moments. But Cramer pretty much apologized for everything CNBC has ever aired, including his stuff. Business Insider said that "Cramer basically sounded apologetic all night, though Stewart didn't do himself any favors by coming off as overly serious and not very funny." Stewart's funniest moments came earlier in the show, when -- after Cramer had appeared on the Martha Stewart Show earlier that morning, kneading dough with the (in)famous personality, who has been convicted of insider trading -- Stewart deadpanned: "Cramer, haven't enough people's dough taken a pounding already from you?" Watch the entire show over at Hulu >>