A recent survey from the National Association of Realtors recent survey shows that with a recovering housing market and more borrowers choosing higher down payment conventional loans versus FHA loans, home buyers are now investing more into their new homes. 


Of the surveyed homebuyers, 87% used a mortgage for the purchase. Typically 91% of the home was financed, requiring a 9% down payment.

These numbers suggest that the real estate market is showing signs of stabilization and that those looking to purchase a home want to settle in somewhere long-term and are willing to invest in a larger initial payment. 

With tighter credit standards than before, homebuyers are different than in years past. Married couples comprised 65% of recent homebuyers, the highest share since 2001. When married, couples hold the advantage of more buying power and added financial stability, in addition to higher household incomes.

With a smaller home inventory in many areas of the country, potential buyers are looking at an average of 10 homes compared to 12 homes. The tightened inventory requires many buyers to seek a real estate professional to help them find the right home. In fact, 89% of homebuyers sought a real estate agent or broker to help them search for a home. 

This cycle of positive survey results alludes to a more fertile real estate market. With homebuyers willing to invest more in homes initially, signs of a housing recovery seem bright. 

2012 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers