The below is set to Billy Joel's 'Moving Out,' and has been making the rounds through trading desks today. Enjoy: Anthony worked in a grocery store. Took out 600K with an Alt-A. Sherrif Leone left a note on the door It said, "Sonny - you better pay up in a hurry." If Payin your mortgage can give you a heart attack ack ack ack ack! Then you need a loan right now. Who needs a 5/1 out in Hackensack? Get 5% fixed with no money. And it seems like a waste of time, but payin your mortgage is what its all about! Obama, Give me a mod or I'm....movin out. Mmmm, I'm movin' out. Ooh-hoo, uh-huh,mmmm Sergy O'Leary used to work down on Wall Street. Now at nite he's a part-time bartender. He ran an allocation desk down on Sullivan Street, and entertained like a real big spender. He refi'd his house to buy a cadillac ac ac ac ac ac! He needs a loan right now If he cant get a mod to put him in the black at least he'll still has his suspenders.